DeCuzzi Tire guarantees quality, performance and durabile Kart Tires
DeCuzzi Tire guarantees quality, performance and durabile Kart Tires
Part #  Size  Life   MSRP   
F-5  10x4.5x5  120 hr  $19.99 
F-6  10x4.5x5    200 hr  $19.99  
F-7+  10x4.5x5    360 hr $20.99 
F-8  10x4.5x5    460 hr  $24.99  
OTL 11x6.00x5  360 hr  $24.99  
Part #  Size  Life   MSRP   
R-5  11x7.10x5  120 hr  $24.99 
R-6  11x7.10x5   200 hr  $24.99  
R-7+  11x7.10x5   360 hr $24.99 
R-8  11x7.10x5   460 hr  $29.99  
OTL  11x6.00x5   360 hr  $24.99  

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      Our goal at DeCuzzi tires is to help track owners and clubs increase their customer count and attract more business by offering the best possible tire at great prices with unequaled customer service. 

We often hear track owners talk about having to change the entire fleet of go kart tires every time they need new tires. Often saying if  they don't, the  karts with the new tires are much quicker than the karts with the old tires. When you use Decuzzi tires the entire fleet has consistent lap times whether half the fleet is on new tires or half the fleet is on old tires. We accomplish this using a natural rubber formula as opposed to our competitors synthetic rubber and chalk fillers. What this does is allows the tire to run over 3600 heat cycles with no loss of grip or lap time. From the very first lap to the last lap, the lap times will be consistent, which is important when it comes to your customers.  The fleet will no longer have karts separated simply because they have new tires or old tires. Your customers will stop taking certain karts and run any kart because they feel that any kart in your fleet has a chance of winning that race. For clubs and track owners who want to increase their attendance, DeCuzzi  is offering the best possible tire, with unmatched performance, at a great price, with unequaled customer service.
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